About Us…

The Mentorship Program for Every Rider(MEPER) pairs endorsed riders and RiderCoaches to create communities for motorcyclists which promote a complete motorcycle riding experience.

This experience allows riders of all backgrounds to continue learning through group meetings, skill building sessions, and fun activities led by qualified RiderCoaches.

This program is a great opportunity to meet other riders, learn new skills, and better your own motorcycle riding experience.

Who we are…

A group of riders and researchers from the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida.

What we do…

MEPER provides the tools to succeed (i.e. meeting guidelines, resources and content) to maintain an annual RiderCoach/mentee riding relationship. Program meetings are a mix of fun, food, and safety-related activities.

Have questions?

Contact us at: 813.974.7572

or send an Email to: echedester@usf.edu