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Set yourself up for a lifetime of safe riding with our new-for-2022 self-paced module. This online course is designed to help new and unendorsed riders know exactly what to expect before they take the class. You’ll get an overview of the curriculum, learn which gear is required, how to dress appropriately and much more.

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Book a face-to-face session with a RiderCoach and get ready to hone your skills, stay up to date with the latest developments in gear safety and learn about opportunities for advanced training. MEPER is for you, too!


MEPER was a great learning experience for me since I was a novice rider that had recently obtained my motorcycle endorsement back in September 2019. There I met my rider coach (Scott. V) who was very informative and referred me to MEPER after graduation. I purchased a motorcycle in November 2019. I wanted to continue my education and network with other riders, so I joined MEPER. Due to COVID -19 we were not able to meetup however participate in online courses that were very informative and often. I found every course informative but got the most out of the bike maintenance lesson. Learning how to inspect and maintain my motorcycle properly is important to me. I definitely recommend this course to anyone that is a novice rider or someone that would like to network with other safe riders. Thank you for all of the knowledge you have given me MEPER! 

Julian Burgess, MEPER Graduate

I joined MEPER because both of my rider coaches from the BRC 5 years ago were mentors. I’m always eager to learn and meet people into bikes so I figured I would give it a shot.  MEPER looked like a great program because there were a lot of people interested in the same things working towards a similar goal. I think the most memorable moment was all of us going for a ride once the day was over. That was a lot of fun riding with everyone and meeting up the next day. The biggest lesson I learned was definitely the importance of wearing a helmet which I already kind of knew but that reinforced it significantly. Specifically wearing ALL gear all the time, because the one time you’re not wearing gear is the one time you’ll go down.  Would I recommend this course to beginners? ABSOLUTELY I would even say make this a requirement, you see so many people not wearing gear or helmets and just how dangerous that can be. Even going to the store or a small drive wearing all the gear because the asphalt doesn’t care what you’re wearing.

Jake Silva, MEPER Graduate

I have joined, although I am a long-time experienced rider, I am always open to learn and see things from a different perspective. One can never learn enough. I also joined to share my experience with new riders and give my viewpoint as a seasoned rider. The biggest lesson I had learned so far was when they gave the education about the helmet and how the helmet was designed. I never thought of that. In all my years the helmet was just a necessity but only now I truly understand how it is made up and the importance to treat it right. My memorable moment with my mentor was when I learned the actual science behind the riding. For example, turning your head when you go into a curve and your body will follow and you are able to make a smooth curve. I have been riding all these years but never really gave a thought why certain movements were done. I definitely recommend this program to a new rider; they have the opportunity to learn from experienced riders and receive life lessons. Of course, everyone has to make their own experience but this program can help a new rider to go through the hard lessons we had to go through and for a new rider to become a safe and confident rider.

Kevork Bildik, MEPER Graduate

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